Hubbcat Discusses the latest in Bodycams with the ISIA


Hubbcat Discusses the latest in Bodycams with the ISIA

ISIA Representative Sarah O Donnell Discusses the importance of Bodycams with Hubbcat’s Bob Cherry


Sarah O Donnell from the ISIA recently visited the Hubbcat HQ in Kilcoole to discuss the latest developments in Bodycam technology with Bob Cherry, Chief Security Officer Hubbcat. Sarah got to see Hubbcat’s Bodycam offering up close and discussed how Bodycams can play a growing and real role in frontline security in Ireland

SOD: Bob – can you give me some of the advantages of Bodycams?

BC: Of course – I have worked in the police sector for many years, the advantages of Bodycams are unquestionable – they protect the wearer, the general public, they moderate behaviour of both the wearer and the person(s) they are interacting with and promote transparency and professionalism.

SOD: Fascinating – tell me how they protect the wearer?

BC: Often the implication of being videoed changes how the general public interact with security professionals – it removes or deescalates anti-social behaviour, it gives confidence to the wearer to be able to do their job professionally. It significantly decreases false allegations of assault or discriminatory or offensive language which are so easy to make and difficult to disprove. Any complaints made can be quickly dealt with by reference to the high quality video and audio recordings. From an organisational point of view, it allows you to protect your people, your property and your brand.

SOD: Tell us about the Hubbcat Halo Bodycam

BC: Hubbcat are delighted to partner with Halo here in Ireland, the system is cutting edge, both in the terms of the camera itself and also the back end data and evidence managing platform. The system is fully encrypted and secure. The camera is comfortable to wear, has one button functionality and can be discreet or overt depending on the wearers role. The camera is clickfast ready, meaning it allows for a number of different mounting options. A very long battery life of 16 hours on continuous record would cover most extended shift patterns and the fast charge, two hours to 80% capacity or four hours for a full charge, means it is not operationally unavailable for long periods.

SOD: The camera seems very user friendly?

BC: It is indeed, it doesn’t need any cables to download content, making things easier for the user, data is downloaded automatically syncing via wi-fi, 4G or when docked at the end of a shift. Additionally the camera is waterproof (IP68 certified) rugged and has GPS capability. It boasts a wide angle starlight lens (140 degrees) which provides full HD imagery and gives exceptional clarity in low light situations. The thirty second pre-record function when the camera is activated captures additional data of behaviour which lead to an incident or occurrence. It is a very rounded and effective device.

SOD: What makes the Hubbcat Halo bodycam solution different?

BC: The turnkey solution means that the platform works straight out of the box. We provide 24/7/365 service support and a warranty on all devices for the lifetime of the contract. The contract is a lease model, and is a bundled device and asset management platform with one flat fee so there are no upfront costs. We provide 10% overage on devices meaning damaged cameras can be switched out at no loss to operational deployments and replaced. The fixed cost data usage with unlimited data storage is a game changer as some major organisations have fallen foul of excessive end of year storage charges.

SOD: You have mentioned the Digital Asset Management System, can you tell us about that?

BC: We particularly like the simplicity, security and functionality of the Halo Vault Digital Asset Management System. As I mentioned, it is cloud based with unlimited storage and users can view content on any device with the requisite permissions. It is highly secure and ISO27001 certified so organisations can be certain as to the security of their data and the requirement to be GDPR compliant. There is a full digital audit trail of activity relating to downloaded data from capture to presentation or deletion.

SOD: Would it allow for sharing with outside agencies where appropriate?

BC: The Halo Vault has features that are of particular value if there is a requirement to share evidence or information with law enforcement entities who will require a detailed chain of evidence to allow its introduction in court proceedings or tribunals. It allows for sharing of information on the system without the need to download copies which could lead to compromise or loss of personal information. Assess is granted through tiered permissions to maintain the integrity of the data. The redaction suite allows for faces and identifying detail to be pixelated for training, development or public assistance requests again whilst maintaining the integrity of the original data. The unlimited data storage allows the user to bring in other footage and media types to compliment case building and profiling on the system.

SOD: Is the system GDPR compliant:

BC: Hubbcat appreciate the need for the bodycam system to be GDPR compliant owing to the amount of private information it collects. The platform uses Ireland based AWS servers for the cloud storage. Data in transit is encrypted to AE256. If a camera is stolen or lost, it would not be possible to extract data from the unit alone which is a critical feature. Data can only be accessed through the Halo Vault. As I mentioned, the ISO27001 certification is critical and is aligned with technical elements of GDPR. The back end has automated data retention features to tie in with client policy and procedures. Our team are on hand to assist clients with any GDPR enquiries.

SOD: Thanks Bob, it sounds very interesting.

BC: Definitely Sarah, we are excited to add the Halo bodycam to our range of products here at Hubbcat and look forward to sharing more information and the opportunity to look at the system with your members. Thank you for taking the time to find out about the product