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Hubbcat push-to-talk solutions

Hubbcat changes the conversation for businesses like yours, thanks to our cutting-edge push-to-talk solutions. We provide next-generation two-way devices on 3G, 4G and 5G mobile networks, and more. This means you can enjoy more day-to-day control, while your teams can work faster, closer and better than ever before.


Transform all workforce devices into a private secured radio network.

Enjoy more control 

Our technology gives you a centralised control hub which allows you to manage, see and talk with all your field operators in realtime, either through their smartphones or customised Hubbcat devices. This gives you a lot more control over helping them meet their objectives.

Work faster, closer and better

Communicate with field-staff individually, at team-level, or at broadcast group level. Send instant messages, images and video in real time. This allows your teams to be more agile, collaborate better and be more efficient.

Tailored solutions to suit

your business

Our high-tech range of solutions can be tailored to your business no matter the size or level of complexity, or where you’re based in the world.


Nationwide Multi-Network coverage/Wifi


750 per channel up to 100k users


256 bit encryption on each packet


Cloud based recording. Event history and Auditing


Alarms Monitoring
Man Down


Instant Messager Image & Video


Android/IOS and Intrinsically Safe


Low cost of entry – from €9.99 per month

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