New start-up Hubbcat helps protect HSE frontline staff during Covid-19 crisis


New start-up Hubbcat helps protect HSE frontline staff during Covid-19 crisis

It’s not often that a group of Caribbean expats come home and get together to create something amazing. But 6 months ago, Wicklow native Alan Bates, founder of Hubbcat did just that.

Hubbcat is a technology company, that specialises in next generation two way communication. It’s like walkie talkies, with no geographic limitations, on a secure, private network. Using existing mobile networks and nationwide coverage, the Hubbcat system allows users to simply push a button, and talk instantly one to one, or in a group chat, securely.

But having launched the business, six months ago, Hubbcat’s main focus was on the hospitality, security, retail and facilities sectors. However, following the situation that has unfolded with Covid-19, the group saw an opportunity to help the HSE frontline workers at their time of need.

As the Coronavirus is highly contagious, the protective equipment that HSE workers are required to wear, can make communication somewhat difficult. As Hubbcat provides secure, instant communication solutions, they were able to offer this service to frontline works who can use Hubbcat’s Instant Talk at some of the new Covid-19 test centres.

‘It’s really great solution for all industries’ comments Alan Bates, founder. ‘But we were very excited to play some small part in helping to keep our front line nurses and doctors safe in unprecedented times. Our services can be set up fast, are easy to use and run securely, over a wireless or mobile network so there’s no coverage issues, or issues that will interfere with existing comms infrastructure within hospitals”.

“What’s also interesting is that we have customers in all sectors as well, both here in Ireland as well as the Caribbean. If we can help out here, then we’d be also keen to help out in similar situations as the virus moves west to that region”.

Established in late 2019, the company has grown to over 15 employees globally and is based both here, in Co. Wicklow and with satellite offices in three locations in the Caribbean.

Commenting on the Covid-19 deployments to date, Commercial Director Niall O’Toole explains ‘It’s been an interesting journey. We have all seen how telecoms moves so fast and has fundamentally changed people’s lives both here in Ireland but at an unbelievable pace in the Caribbean. But for us to get some test centres mobilised, in less than 1 week is a testament not only to the product, but the dedication of our team to get behind the HSE to help beat this virus. We’re very happy to support in any way we can.

Hubbcat provide ruggedized devices, full set up including agnostic network sim cards to ensure continuous coverage, as well as full licensing.

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