Hubbcat Solution supports Bahamas Tourism & Safety of front line responders

Hubbcat Solution supports Bahamas Tourism & Safety of front line responders

Hubbcat have successfully deployed a COVID quarantine solution for the Government of The Bahamas. The solution is designed to protect the population and critical front line responders whilst assuring that inbound travellers to the Bahamas feel safe and secure as they enjoy their vacation.

The Government of the Bahamas has contracted Hubbcat to provide this service from May this year right through to February 2021 at the earliest. See the Bahamas Deployment in action by clicking here.

 The Hubbcat solution is an APP based quarantine system which is downloaded to visitors own cellular devices at point of entry to the Island (Ports/Airports) or pushed to identified high risk or vulnerable patients remotely.

Hubbcat is targeted at providing quarantine monitoring services across the following spectrum:

  • Inbound International Tourists from Air and Sea.
  • Patients in quarantine or those identified as at risk of infection;
  • Inter-Island travellers and returning residents;

The programme also supports the Ministry of Tourism Readiness and Recovery plan by giving peace of mind for visitors who are obliged to ‘vacation in place’ while ensuring the government is doing everything in its power to make the Bahamas one of the safest destinations, for both visitors and residents.

“The system allows a monitoring team to speak instantly with quarantined individuals to monitor their symptoms and care with the added control benefits of knowing the exact location of each individual at any time via GPS technology” commented Alan Bates, Co-founder of Hubbcat.

“We’re really excited to be partnering with the Government of the Bahamas and happy to play a small part in helping recover the tourism industry, as well as ensure the safety of residents in the fight against Covid-19” he added.

In the case of the Bahamas the Ministry of National Security have quarantined at risk and returning residents at their place of normal residence for the period of 14 days. The Hubbcat solution allows the Ministry to erect a virtual geo-fence around this location and alarms to be triggered should an individual breach protocol or leave their designated place of isolation.

In a similar manner virtual fences can be erected around resorts to ensure that inbound tourists are adhering to their VIP experience ‘vacation in place’ and enjoying their resort facility, safely, thereby reducing the risk of spreading further cases. The Government of Bahamas has made it mandatory for inbound travellers to adopt the Hubbcat program and adhere to quarantine protocols during their stay.

The Hubbcat solution is proving extremely cost effective, rapid to deploy and readily adopted by the quarantined population, patients and tourists. To date over 4000 quarantine clients have successfully completed their Hubbcat quarantine program safeguarding the health, safety and security of the region.

Hubbcat’s overall value to a Government:

  • Protect critical front line staff (Healthcare/Police) as care can be administered remotely;
  • Free up the movement of people, goods and services by ring-fencing cases and ultimately improve economic and social prosperity;
  • Enhance the perception of the country as a safe destination to visit for inbound tourists.

You can also learn more about Hubbcat by watching our introductory video by clicking here or find out more about our corporate credentials at our website

Hubbcat provide secure private communications networks on a SaaS basis. We supply a centralised control system, along with ruggedized devices or app downloads for existing cell phones, full set up including agnostic network sim cards to ensure continuous coverage, as well as full licensing.

BIS Photos/Ulric Woodside